Progress made in the representation and inclusion of disabled artists and audiences is in danger of unravelling because of the pandemic, campaigners have warned – via The Guardian.

Anger and alienation, Stikman comes to life!

Andy Sargent, one of our recent Outside In Engine Micro Bursary awardees shares his experience and vision of ‘the stikman cometh’ as one of Disability Arts Online’s recent commissions of artists in isolation.

Slaughtering the Sacred Cows: a reflection

On Wednesday 11 March, Anna Berry hosted a public conference, Disability Arts: Slaughtering the Sacred Cows at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham as part of her curatorial residency there. Panellists included Aaron Williamson, Aidan Moesby, Trish Wheatley, Sonia Boué, Tom Shakespeare, and Manick Govinda. Sonia Boué gives her reflections on the themes raised. – via Disability Arts Online