DanceXchange as part of one of The Sky Arts, Art 50 project, is inviting artists to create works that say something important about being British after Brexit.

Working with lead artist and choreographer Gary Clarke, up to six local professional dance and multi-disciplinary artists are invited to create a series of movement and performance pieces inspired by the voices of Birmingham on Brexit.
This work will reflect research and interviews with around 500 citizens exploring the 50:50 voting split between leave and remain that emerged in Birmingham’s referendum result.
We are looking for 3 x dance artists and 3 x multi-disciplinary artists based in and or connected to the Midlands.

This is a paid opportunity. Visit website for more info.

Proposed Dates  

Wk of 30 April / Field Research

14, 15, 16 May / Research Lab

23 June / Research Exhibition

July – Sept / Devise, design and pre-production

October / Live performances, 1 x week

Feb 2019 / Sky Arts Festival

Deadline for applications: Monday 19 February 2018