Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery presents a bright and bold exhibition showcasing a series of works with a neo-Surrealist or other-worldly nature such as Lisa Nash’s Circle of Nature (2016) sculptural installation, including a giant rabbit with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ allusions and Jess Maxfield’s psychedelic digital landscape billboard. These are juxtaposed with Yazmin Boyle’s steel strap formalist sculptures Orbita (2016) and Rob Hamp’s plywood and MDF counter-relief interventions produced on site in direct response to the interior architecture and pillars of Waterhall Gallery. Colour, abstraction and materiality are explored in sculpture by Bruno Grilo and painting by Pamela Fletcher and Kerry Farrell. Anthropomorphic sculpture by Damian Massey contrasts with artistic responses to technology by Gemma Ford, Henry Rice and Zecheng Hao whilst Natalie Seymour’s photographic collages of an abandoned building resonate with Birmingham’s ever-changing landscape. Lorna Brown’s pinhole and embroidered prints and Renata Juroszova’s paintings of female spaces fuse with Poppy Twist’s large-scale film installation ‘Mic Approach’ where she explores the uncomfortable implications of the live performance.