Amy Guo, Free Time Acquired by Forgetting to Press Pause, screenshot

Amy Guo’s practice works within the frame of digital technology, glitch, documentation and time, investigating our relationship to these phenomena. Digital material and space are explored through projection, video, painting and installation works. Amy views glitch as an unexpected intervention that prevents the normal function of modern technologies. It functions as an apparatus to distort human perception.

Works consider the ways in which our social interactions with others are mediated through technology and the visibility of our digital selves.  In some of her works, a common ground is established by creating a human voice-over video akin to Siri. Amy’s practice comments on the projection of human emotion and intellect on to virtual entities. This articulation of the non-human critically depends on the understanding of our human selves.

A graduate of Staffordshire University, Amy shows a painted work titled Free Time Acquired by Forgetting to Press Pause created via the app Now Then Time Tracking Pro at Arcadia gallery.

New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial and Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art continue until 24 November 2019.

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