Andreana Fatta, Ξεριζωμένη Γενιά / An Uprooted Generation, Copper pipes, Greek orthodox candle wax, archived objects and publication

Andreana Fatta’s project archives found objects in a creative manner. It follows the case of her grandmother, a Cypriot woman and a subject of displacement.

Throughout the process of archiving, the legal guidelines of the State Archives in Cyprus, presented in the publication that accompanies Andreana’s sculptural installation, have been followed. The “Historical Section Criteria” is a manifesto for Andreana’s creative practice, allowing her to make a space in which to raise awareness of the importance and functionality of an archive.

It is significant that the National State Archives of Cyprus were founded in 1972, two years before the country was invaded by Turkey. Archiving information that had the potential to be collected in this period of war turned out to be rather challenging. Many documents and other materials including artworks were lost.

Andreana is a graduate from Birmingham City University. Andreana is one of 20 recent graduates from the West Midlands’ six art schools exhibiting as part of the Biennial, selected by ICF International Curators Forum from an open call earlier this year.

Her work can be seen at The Muniment Room in St. Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, in an exhibition that focuses on air and archive as part of New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial


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