Ewan Johnston, Prehistoric Hangover, 2019

Wolverhampton-based Ewan Johnston’s work is rooted in his life and the lives of people around him, while taking influence from historic narratives and myths. Ewan is concerned about what it means to be a young adult living today in a small city in England and describes his practice as political with a medium ‘p’. Working through painting, Ewan’s practice is focussed on colour, survival, joy, fear, humour and pain. He describes his practice as his purpose, his refuge and the way he is most comfortable expressing himself.

Ewan shows a selection of his acrylic paintings on canvas at The Row, a former NHS facility. His work Prehistoric Hangover (2019) is shown in one of the bathrooms open to Coventry Biennial visitors – a playful intervention that challenges and provokes.

Ewan is a graduate of Birmingham City University. New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial and Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art continue until 24 November 2019.


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