Mengxia Liu, Stefania Reportage Illustration, Gouache, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper

Mengxia Liu’s work explores the collision of multiculturalism in public spaces in different locations around the world. Combining reportage and documentary illustration with an anthropological approach, her research investigates multiple narratives, both explicit and hidden, that can be found in marketplaces. Mengxia employs techniques and methodologies from a cross-cultural perspective to create an ongoing and dynamic record of an ever-changing community that reflects on the multi-layered histories, textures and communities of the market as a site of commerce and diversity.

Stefania Reportage Illustration, is the result of a live project that took place at the 11th Saint-Étienne Biennale of Design in France in March 2019. During this residency period Mengxia observed the ways visitors of different cultural backgrounds interacted with the city’s exhibits and documented the biennale community and culture in the form of detailed reportage illustrations.

Mengxia’s painting is exhibited at Coventry University’s Lanchester Gallery, located within their Graham Sutherland building, as part of New Art West Midlands x Coventry Biennial.

She is a recent graduate of Birmingham City University and currently an artist in residence at Grand Union. 


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