Artist Bharti Parmar has been commissioned to take over ITV’s logo for the channel’s new on-screen identity project ITV Creates. Her commission can be seen broadcast this week until 24 March.

Launched on 1 January 2019, new idents are showcased weekly, with a different interpretation of ITV’s logo created by a wide range of British artists, from Turner Prize winners to emerging talent. The project started with artist, photographer and filmmaker Ravi Deepres. 

Her recent work focusses on illusion and surfaces, with a particular interest in wood, veneers and the craft of marquetry. For ITV Creates, she has conceptualised the ITV ident as a 3-D sculpture that exploits common principles and designs in veneering such as bookmatching, parquet and herringbone.

You can hear her talk about her piece in the video below:

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