Responding to the data collected via the recent impact survey on the affect of COVID-19 on the sector, the Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) of which we are part, organised a series of webinars designed to bring the visual arts together, provide confidence, celebrate innovation and foster interconnectedness as we all move into the next phase of response and recovery to the pandemic.

The discussions below address pressing questions on reopening venues; adjusting to the demands of social distancing; staying in touch with our communities; advocacy work; weathering the economic impact on our professional field, and retaining our value.


CVAN Presents…Black Lives Matter: Statements, Strategies and Codes of Conduct

Sharna Jackson, Artistic Director and Judith Harry, Executive Director, Site Gallery, Sheffield, and Ceri Littlechild, Head of Operations, Wysing Arts Centre discuss their organisation’s strategies and approach to racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement.


CVAN Presents…Studios: Supporting Creative Workspaces during COVID-19

Three artist studio providers (Cheryl Jones, Director and Co-founder, Grand Union, Birmingham; Ingrid Banerjee Marvin, Artist Support Lead for East Street Arts, Leeds and Sarah Davies, Executive Director, Phoenix Art Space, Brighton) speak to their experience of continuing to support creative workspaces during Covid-19 and addressing issues such as:

  • Financial crisis – business models and sources of support
  • Capital developments – sustainability for studio providers
  • Access and intersectionality
  • National voice – existing workspace networks and future developments.


CVAN Presents…A Visual Arts Alliance: what can and should it achieve for the sector?

National sector support organisations have joined forces to support the development of the sector in these times. Join the panel Julie Lomax, CEO of a-n The Artists Information Company, Harold Offeh, Artist and Sarah Munro, Chair of CVAN and Director of the Baltic. They will discuss the opportunity and thinking behind the Alliance and why it is needed now more than ever.


CVAN Presents…In Conversation with Amanda Parker

CVAN has invited Amanda Parker, the new Editor of ArtsProfessional to discuss her perspective on what is currently happening in the arts sector. Furloughed from ArtsProfessional we have invited Amanda to take a view on what she can see is happening and support understand the dynamics that are at play. This talk is purely her opinion and one that CVAN is interested in discussing our lobbying work to government and what is needed to enable the cultural sector going forward.


CVAN Presents…Art & Philanthropy | Helen Cooper

Helen Cooper, Senior Manager, Philanthropy / Visual Arts will talk about how we can be expansive in our concept of philanthropy. Who is giving and why? What is the impact for visual arts organisations and their communities? And what more can we do to develop a culture of generosity?


CVAN Presents…Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief

An overview of the Scheme, outline guidance on the application process and issues that you might need to address dependent on the constitution and resources of your organisation.


CVAN Presents…Artists Make Change | Rachel Dobbs and Glen Stoker

Artists Rachel Dobbs and Glen Stoker talk about their involvement in a critical national programme that will evidence the value of artists work in the UK, defining the integral economic and social role.


CVAN Presents…Independent Artists and Practitioners | Matthew Burrows

Renowned artist Matthew Burrows MBE talks about the #ArtistSupportPledge and its global impact during the pandemic.


CVAN Presents…Reopening of Galleries and Public Spaces

Sarah Munro and Sally Shaw discuss the role of the gallery and response to their immediate communities and place. Placing emphasis on care, these inspiring Directors discuss their work in these extraordinary times.



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