In June Engine offered a curatorial opportunity to support Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, and a bursary to support the research and development of a curatorial concept. We are delighted to announce the recipients:

Jonathon Harris has been selected for the curatorial development bursary with Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art. The £2,000 bursary will provide the opportunity to work on a series of high profile solo and group exhibitions as well as accompanying events. With the majority of the Biennial programme in place, the post will focus on the selection of work, production, logistics and management of exhibitions programmes.

Due to the high standard of applications, both Grace Williams and Kaye Winwood have been awarded research and development curatorial bursaries.

Kaye will use her bursary to support the research and development of a multi-site presentation of artworks in response to her ‘Expanded Dining’ work. Her curatorial ambition is to explore food as an artform and to contribute to new knowledges in gastronomy, performance and visual culture which propose new modes of interdisciplinarity.

Grace will use the bursary to research and develop an exhibition inviting emerging and established female artists to respond to an ‘occult’ artifact. The show will aim to initiate a dialogue around the social importance of maintaining histories sidelined as irrational, and the central role of women within occult practices. The bursary will also support a number of key research visits to leading repositories of occult and esoteric material in the UK and Europe, building on her own doctoral research.

We’ll report back later in the year on their progress.


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