Kira Freije, The Dark Away, 2017 at Recent Activity. Photo: Stuart Whipps.

Recent Activity is a curatorial collaborative project by Birmingham-based artists Andrew Gillespie and Andrew Lacon. They have recently opened a space on Floodgate Street in Digbeth. We found out what they have planned for the space.

You have worked on projects nomadically for some time. What prompted the move to open the Recent Activity project space?

We have operated an itinerant programme since 2015, activating spaces and audiences across Birmingham and beyond. Although exciting, we wanted a new challenge and to form a different dialogue with artists and the city. Our other projects still continue – we recently presented an iteration of Nomadic Vitrine with Alex Frost at The Royal Standard in Liverpool.

What is the ethos behind the space?

Our attitude to the space is very much the same as to our previous projects. We hope to bring new artists to Birmingham and provide for the display and discussion of context for contemporary. We have always tried to work with a sense of urgency and tried to utilise the inertia of each project to propel the next one.

Why now?

We had been working in a particular way, with certain parameters for over a year. We wanted some continuity, a fixed location with a new set of possibilities.

What do you hope the space will bring to the art ecology of the city?

We hope to contribute to the existing landscape, generating more activity and dialogues. We have both benefited hugely from Grand Union and Eastside Projects.

How does your curatorial work with Recent Activity feed into your individual artistic practices?

Recent Activity forms one strand of our practices. Each exhibition or project feels like new collaboration, exposing us to different artist’s practices and undoubtedly informing our own approaches.

What are your plans for the future of the project space?

Exhibitions and events will run throughout the year. In August, we are working with James Parkinson on another Nomadic Vitrine presentation, whilst France-Lise McGurn is making a new exhibition in the project space.



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