Matt Westbrook received an Engine Micro Bursary to show his project ‘Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids’ at the International Orchid Conservation Congress at Kew Gardens and the RHS International Orchid Show in Malvern.

Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids was a participatory project that used Joseph Chamberlain’s passion for orchid growing as a means to engage new audiences in broader discussions on his legacy.

The project culminated in the Silent Orchid Festival and Summer School that was delivered online as part of the University of Birmingham’s Art and Science Festival during the COVID lockdown.

Read about how the project was conceived and developed by Westbrook in the online text he has written here

Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids display at RHS International Orchid Fair, Malvern (2019) Image credit: Marcin Sz.


Dudley College students pictured in Chamberlain’s study at Highbury with their orchid vessels. Image credit: Matt Westbrook.


Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids display at the International Orchid Conservation Congress, Kew Gardens (2019) Image credit: Matt Westbrook.


Orchid Plant stands at Highbury Heritage Open Day (2019). Image credit: David Rowan.