Things That Remind Me of Home, a project by artist Navi Kaur, consists of a small, beautifully compiled publication and an exhibition of photographs that took place from November 2017 to January this year at The GAP Arts Project in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Navi Kaur’s grandparents at The GAP Arts Project, Birmingham

Exploring her family’s stories through photography, Kaur’s new body of work characteristically seeks to interrogate personal memories and ideas of value and identity, this time through a series of what might be termed ‘object portraits’. Objects featured in both publication and exhibition include a chipped mug precious to her grandmother, the two clocks she and her grandfather keep by their bedsides, a radio, blender and various items of food and drink that are catalysts for emotions and memories that are both unique and yet relatable. The objects she selected are integral to Kaur’s image of her grandparents and their home in Oldbury but also cross cultural, social and generational barriers.

Installation view, Things That Remind Me of Home, Navi Kaur at The GAP Arts Project, Balsall Heath

Kaur will shortly undertake a research trip to India with her family to continue this vein of research and to help her grandfather begin to uncover some of his own familial stories, forgotten since he migrated to the West Midlands in the 1950s. On this, Kaur’s first visit to the country, she hopes to make a series of images and a short film about this process of discovery.

From Things That Remind Me of Home, Navi kaur

Kaur is selling copies of her publication, designed and printed by Birmingham based artist-led printing studio and publisher, Rope Press, for £8. Please contact the artist directly to purchase a copy.

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