The Art of Coventry is a programme of events organised by Coventry Artspace designed to support and develop West Midlands-based artists. The second season runs from August to November:

Michelle Englefield: Rentrayage
24 August – 6 September 2018. 10am-1.30pm Tuesday-Saturday.
Artspace Arcadia Gallery, 32 City Arcade, Coventry. CV1 3HW
Opening: Thursday 23 August 2018, 5.30-7.30pm
‘Rentrayage’ is a series of installations, each an interactive and thought-provoking obstacle. Michelle is a mother of four and a grandmother of three. She is also an emerging artist, graduating in Fine Art from Coventry University in 2017 and currently completing her MA in Contemporary Art Practice. She has made good use of the resources offered to her from the residency opportunity with Artspace, transforming her space into a wonderland of creations…But dig a little deeper into this fragile and delicate environment and you find yourself within a poignant exploration of trauma, the inspiration for which has come from Michelle’s own life story.

Panel Discussion – Art / Therapy / Value
Thursday 30 August 2018, 5.30-7pm. Floor 11, Eaton House, Coventry. Free
Accompanying Michelle Englefield’s exhibition ‘Rentrayage’ there will be a panel discussion on the subject of Art / Therapy / Value. The discussion will be chaired by John Hammersley Coventry Artspace Partnerships Trustee and Coventry University Lecturer. Panel members will include: Michelle Englefield, artist Anita Farrell, artist and pyschologist Representatives from Coventry Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (CRASAC). Refreshments will be provided.

The Art of Engagement
Wednesday 5, Thursday 6, Friday 7 September 2018, 10am – 4.30pm. Saturday 8 September 2018, 10am-1pm.
Koco Community Resource Centre 15 Arches Industrial Estate Coventry CV1 3JQ. £50/£30
This short, creative and practical course will look at making art outside of the gallery which intervenes in people’s lives. What baggage do we bring? Who is the audience? What permissions do we seek? Are we motivated by aesthetics? Improvement? Relationship? Novelty? What are the power dynamics and how can we navigate them openly? Participants will look at a range of approaches, consider where they place their own practice, and experiment with stages of making work ‘in situ’. Light-hearted and collaborative, the course is suitable for artists, producers and curators who have some experience of art-making with people in day-to-day situations (it doesn’t need to be a lot!). The particular context that we will be working in is The Spon Spun Festival 2018. Participants should bring along an engagement idea they would like to test and explore, e.g. at the Spon Spun Summer Saturday on 8 September or on the Spon Arts & Heritage Trail on Saturday 15 September.

The Art of Installation #3
Friday 14 September 2018, 10.30am-3pm
Oasis Community Hub & Cafe, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3AE. £20/£10.
Ahead of Spon Spun Festival this course will look at Art Outdoors. The focus will be on installing artworks in outdoor, public and other ‘unusual’ spaces. This is a practical workshop so participants should come dressed appropriately for the weather and working environment. The session will start with an introduction to handling art and using tools.

The Art of Curation Evening Talk #3
Friday 21 September 2018, 6-7pm
Coventry Artspace, 1 Eaton Road, Floor 11, Coventry, CV1 2FJ. Pay what you feel.
Providing illustrations from a range of recent projects, cultural producer Sue Ball sets out to explore the solidarity economy or ‘the commons’ and its dynamic impact on the production of art and the making of place. Sue Ball will investigate three of her public projects that explore slow architecture and the time-based currencies that side step the apparent ‘need’ for new building based operations, a timely provocation as Coventry enters its 2021 build-up.

The Art of Curation Master Class #3
Saturday 22 September 2018, 10am-1pm.
Eaton House, Coventry. £15/£8
This masterclass will explore the ideas and approaches in the creation of the commons and solidarity economy. Investigated through UK and international case studies, the workshop will seek to contextualise this dynamic in the artistic and activist practices in Coventry by using participant-focused and facilitated methods to support dialogue and potential action. Course leader: Sue Ball.

The Art of Self Promotion
Thursday 4 October 2018, 10.30am-3pm.
Floor 4, Eaton House,Coventry. CV1 2FJ. £20/£10
This one day course will support artists to develop confidence and skills in promoting themselves on-line through social media and artist directories.

The Art of Curation Masterclass #4
Thursday 25 October 2018, 1-4pm.
Artspace Arcadia Gallery, 32 City Arcade, Coventry. CV1 3HW. £15/£8.
In this hands-on short workshop, in which participants will have an opportunity to work with images from the Shirley Baker collection, independent curator Anna Douglas will explore the relationship between the curator and their audience. How might this relationship be negotiated differently? Does thinking about ‘your’ audience limit your own creative impulses and passions? What happens if we approach curating as a situated diaological and collaborative practice? How does it change things? What if you think of yourself as a participatory viewer?

The Art of Curation Evening Talk #4
Thursday 25 October 2018, 6-7.30pm.
Floor 4, Eaton House,Coventry. CV1 2FJ. Free
Providing illustrations from a range of recent curatorial projects, independent curator Anna Douglas will trace the evolution of her curatorial practice that experiments with an ‘action model‘ in which the curatorial ‘process’ is understood as self conscious, creative, situated, interpretive, social, moral and political at every stage – and in which curator and audiences alike are re-imagined as collaborators in making meaning. Her presentation addresses concepts and practices of ‘participation’ and ‘interpretation’ within a framework of ‘critical humanism’ – in which people are at the centre of everyday meaning making, and the integration of a critical approach to representation is acknowledged.

The Art of Installation #4
Sunday 28 October 2018, 10.30am-3pm.
Artspace Arcadia Gallery, 32 City Arcade, Coventry. CV1 3HW. £22/10
Ahead of the ‘Older Women’ pop-up exhibition curated by Anna Douglas with Shared Space Collective, this course will look at Hanging and Packing Art Works. The workshop will involve looking at hanging heights, securing artwork to the wall and packing art works for storage or transportation. This is a practical workshop so participants should come dressed appropriately for a working environment. The session will start with an introduction to handling art and using tools.

The Art of Fear
Saturday 3 November – Sunday 4 November 2018, 9.15am-5pm.
The Tin Music and Arts Saint Nicholas Street, Units 1-4, Canal Basin, Coventry. CV1 4LY. £40/£20.
This creative and experimental two day workshop takes as its starting point the observation that art involves uncertainty and that apprehensiveness is inevitable at times. Artists can encounter fear at all stages of the artistic process and fear may also be brought on by external life factors, failed funding bids or competitions. Participants will be introduced to techniques of social dreaming and new ways of thinking about their relationship with life, creativity and fear. They will learn more about their fears and what they mean and how to turn fear and uncertainty into creative and productive energy with which to realise creative ambitions.


The Art of Coventry programme is subsidised by Arts Council England and Coventry City Council and supported by Coventry University, New Art West Midlands and CET Pop Up.

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