WIN WIN is a new online gallery and art agency based in Birmingham selling the work of up-and-coming contemporary artists.

It aims to promote the work of local artists, and allow them to sell their works to a wider audience. In addition, it aims to widen the collector-base for contemporary art in Birmingham and beyond, by making it an affordable and sustainable commodity for the home.

Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Untitled (Unreal series), 2012 – 2015.

The seven artists in WIN WIN’s opening showcase draw on a variety of media to create politically and socially engaged work. Their work has previously appeared at international arts platforms and institutions. These include Tereza Buskova, Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Rafal Zar and Betsy Bradley.

Betsy Bradley, Dystopian Forest, 2018.

WIN WIN will also feature the work of graphic designers and photographers whose work fits into contemporary art discourse. At the moment this includes the work of Barbara Gibson and award-winning photographer Marta Kochanek.

Tereza Buskova, The Fertile Couple, 2008.

Artists receive 70% of the sale price, as opposed to the 50% industry standard. Prices start at £80 and go up to £5000.

Anna Katarzyna Domejko, one of the featured artists said: ‘Birmingham’s diverse art scene is very stimulating for me as an artist. It’s easy to exhibit your art here, as many of the studios also have an exhibition space. There aren’t many places to sell art though, so I’m glad to see WIN WIN supporting artists in the city.’ 

More information on WIN WIN can be found here.

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